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We are very excited to be part of your summer 2022 plans. Over the past months, we have made great progress in preparing for another safe and fun summer experience. Our policies and procedures will follow Aurora Montessori School’s Return to School Plan and regional and provincial public health guidelines.

As always, our main focus is to ensure the health and well-being of our campers. Staff will receive extensive health and safety training in weeks leading up to the start of camp to ensure they are confident and ready to facilitate a fun yet safe environment. Our best practices will include social distancing, wearing masks, creating cohorts of campers, and enhanced cleaning and disinfecting. We will continue to follow protocols shared by government officials, these policies may alter to reflect the most current York Region Public Health COVID-19 guidelines.

As parents and guardians play an important role in their child’s well-being, you are required to read this document to ensure you fulfill your responsibilities to help keep our community safe. We will endeavour to offer our full camp activities while following the appropriate health and safety protocols outlined below. In the event that Camp Monty is mandated by regional or provincial government authorities to cancel programming, families will receive a full refund.

Emily Melito

Director, Camp Monty

The health and well-being of our campers and staff is our utmost priority. Upon registration parents/guardians sign off and agree to follow Camp Monty’s COVID-19 policies and protocols. Families who do not follow will be asked to withdraw from Camp Monty with no refund as per our new refund policy.

Active & Passive Screening Measures

All campers, staff and essential visitors must undergo active and passive screening prior to entry into the physical school building.

  • Active Screening Measures: A forehead temperature measurement is done via a touchless infrared thermometer upon arrival to camp. A temperature reading 37.8C/100.4F or above is considered a fever by Public Health standards. Staff with IPAC (Infection Protection and Control) training will also observe if any campers or individuals who are accessing the building display signs and symptoms relating to illness. Monitoring of campers and staff will occur throughout the day.
  • Passive Screening Measures: Families will be required to submit a COVID-19 Daily Screening Form. Specific questions will be asked daily, relating but not limited in scope to, recent travel, contact with potentially exposed individuals and if symptoms have been experienced by the individual being screened. The process starts at home, with parents/guardians completing and submitting the online COVID-19 Daily Screening Form prior to camp intake. If a temperature is taken at home with a reading of 37.8C/100.4F or greater, the camper or staff member must stay home. Those families who do not complete the screening form before coming to school will be required to complete the screening questions before entering camp. 
Camper Cohorts

Campers will be put into cohorts and will be together for the full day including lunch breaks and outdoor play. For thorough planning, there will be no grouping requests accepted after June 1st, 2022. 

Physical Distancing

Cohorts will be grouped in separate areas of the property. No cohorts will mix in both outdoor and indoor areas. New policies are being implemented about what types of activities will be allowed during outdoor play. Our administrative team will monitor these changes closely and make the appropriate adjustments to our program activities when necessary. The entry of campers and staff into and out of the building will similarly involve new physical distancing procedures. Floor markers will be placed in hallways and washrooms to ensure campers are social distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Camp Monty will follow the guidelines outlined by York Region Public Health. At this time, all senior campers and staff are required to wear masks throughout all programming. Counsellors will wear full PPE during arrival and dismissal.

Snacks and Lunch

Parents have an option of sending a lunch and two snacks or ordering from Kids Kitchen. The menu will be available in early June. Cohorts will eat their lunch outside as much as possible, weather permitting. AMS is a nut-free school. All food items need to be free of peanuts and other nut products.

Arrival and Dismissal

Designated arrival and dismissal procedures will be communicated by email in early June.

Senior camper’s parents/guardians and must use the Kiss-N-Ride lane for pick up and drop off of their child(ren). Counsellors will escort campers to their designated area.

To ensure an easy transition for our Junior campers, parents/guardians will be permitted to park and walk their child to their assigned entrance.


The policy for regular camper absenteeism would follow the same procedure of a parent calling into the camp and letting our receptionist know that your child will not be attending camp that day or perhaps for a brief period of time. If the absence is due to illness, it is important to have a discussion with either the Camper Director, Ms. Emily Melito or our RECE Supervisor, Ms. Siddika Sumar for further guidance. Please see our new refund policies for further information.

The existing protocols relating to child illness have been modified to incorporate new best-practices in light of COVID-19. As per the normal procedure, families are notified that their child is ill and the symptoms are described. If a child is showing symptoms of illness, they will stay in a separate, private isolation room under supervision while parents make the trip to pick up their child. Other children and staff in the program who were present while the child or staff member became ill would be identified as a close contact and York Region Public Health would be contacted immediately for further direction. Siblings of the child showing symptoms would be required to isolate at home as well.

Students who are showing symptoms will be required to wear a mask, practice hand hygiene and practice physical distancing when possible. Parents and/or emergency contacts must be available for pick- up as soon as possible, within 60 minutes. Both the current medical room and a separate isolation room in the Office area will be utilized for isolating symptomatic students awaiting pick-up.

Staff supervising symptomatic students will practice hand hygiene, wear gloves, a gown, protective eyewear and a non-medical mask when providing care. Strict disinfecting protocols are in place for the isolation and/or medical room as well as any area that the symptomatic student came into contact with.

Camp Monty staff and parents of children who have any symptoms of fever, coughing or similar symptoms should complete the province’s self-assessment tool by visiting: assessment/ or calling Telehealth Ontario (1 866-797-0000) for further direction. Should teachers, staff, students or essential visitors test positive with COVID-19, the school would contact York Region Public Health for direction.

Following recovery from COVID-19, students, and staff may only return to school/work when they are symptom-free (without the use of any medication), and at the advice of their local Public Health division. The individual must have no fever and symptoms for at least 24 hours. If a student is assessed by their family physician or nurse practitioner and it is determined that they do not have COVID-19, they should notify the school and may return 24 hours after their symptoms have resolved without the use of medication. Updates regarding this policy will be provided to families as they arise. They may only return if they do not have any symptoms and are cleared for re-entry by their local Public Health division.

Students and staff who have answered yes to any of the questions on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) self-assessment will not be permitted to attend school for 14 days after being isolated. They may only return if they do not have any symptoms without the use of medication and are cleared for re-entry by their local Public Health division.

Staff will be required to check the status of their health by screening daily and will be required to communicate illness to the Camp Director or RECE Supervisor.

If any Camp Monty staff member were to test positive for COVID-19, they would immediately report these results to supervising staff and the Camp Director. Public Health and our regulators at York Region would be notified to facilitate an inspection. If a Camp Monty staff member has been previously ill, has self-isolated for a minimum period of 14 days (after illness) and has experienced no symptoms for 14 days after initially displaying symptoms; they would need to receive clearance from local public health officials before being permitted to re-enter the school building. As is the case with all individuals, Camp Monty staff must simultaneously meet the requirement of not having travelled outside of Canada within the preceding 14 days and not being exposed to a potential carrier of the virus within their household. These policies and protocols are provided by the government and are therefore subject to change.

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Families have until June 10th to request a full refund of camp fees in writing. If the request is made after June 10th, families will receive a 50% refund of camp fees. No refunds other than stated below will be given after July 4th. Please email [email protected] and  [email protected] for all cancellation requests. Camp programs will be cancelled, and fees returned if insufficient numbers of children are enrolled.

If Camp Monty is mandated to close by regional or provincial government authorities families will receive a full refund of their camp fees.  If your child is unable to attend camp due to a positive case of COVID-19 in your child’s cohort, there will be a refund provided for the days missed. No refunds will be given other than the reasons previously stated. A confirmation email will be sent out once your child has been registered. Payments are required in full upon receiving this email.

All payments can be made by electronic funds transfer, cheque or credit card.

  • E-transfers must be followed with an email providing the password, the child’s first name and weeks enrolled to [email protected].
  • Cheques can be made payable to Aurora Montessori School Inc.
  • Payments with VISA and Mastercard will incur a 3% service charge. No other credit cards are accepted.