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Kinder Koalas 🐨 and Daring Dolphins 🐬

Kinder Koalas (44 months to 6 years) and Daring Dolphins (7 to 9 years) programs offer various facilities including an indoor gymnasium, soccer field, amphitheatre, and multiple playground areas. Campers are taken through daily-themed adventures that emphasize the importance of teamwork and resiliency. With a combination of traditional camp activities, games, challenges, and more this program is almost as high energy as our campers.

  • Camp Hours: 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Senior Counsellor to Camper Ratio 1:12

Week 1

Celebrating physical activity, skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship through a variety of sports, campers will get to experience a high-energy afternoon learning a different sport each day with our enthusiastic camp counsellors. $380

Week 2

Curious about the natural world? Love animals? Then Safari week is the week for you! Campers will begin the day with a discussion about a different animal family and have lots of fun participating in animal games, crafts, and activities. There will also be some special guests from some little creatures. $450

Week 3

Campers will be challenged to get creative as they explore our diverse programming. Turning their ideas into creations will provide campers the opportunity to build their inner self-confidence while partaking in new experiences. $450

Week 4

For all the budding Picassos, come experience a fun-filled week of art camp at Camp Monty! We will explore painting, drawing and sculpture in an atmosphere of great fun. $450

Week 5

Campers will become junior scientists as they engage in cool, messy, and fun activities. They will observe spectacular demonstrations and participate in mind-blowing experiments. $450

Week 6

All Camp Monty campers will engage in a competitive Olympic week filled with exercise, activities, and games. Campers will be encouraged to develop teamwork and sportsmanship skills as they navigate through the activities. $380